Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/12/2011

No Fair!

Slovenia, originally uploaded by

Christmas day is almost within sight and from out of nowhere sniffles, snuffled, coughs and chills have me in their grips – consequently tonight’s blog won’t be the diatribe you’re more used too of late… consider it an early Christmas present! Luckily I’m all ready for the Festive season, and providing I feel well enough and able to concentrate I should be able to put together the script/discussion points I’ll be using when I take my first Photographic Tour at Dartmoor Zoo in January.

I was rather amused by a number of the amature football teams that were listed in the league at the Soccer Centre last night. Of all the teams, and unfortunately they weren’t present whilst I was there, it’s Hooters FC who I’d like to have watched play. Whether the US restaurant chain could manage to field a competitive side isn’t of interest, it’s when they come to swap shirt at the of the game that would have me and all the other men watching mesmerised.*

Nothing much to speak of with regards to expeditions with the camera today, and I won’t be venturing very far with my gear over the next few days – I will however be continuing to bore you on here – I’m within spitting distance of completing my New Year’s Resolution (which hopefully will result in a personal Revolution in 2012) so I’m not giving up now.

* This joke was brought to you by “Not The Nine O’clock News” and updated by myself (can’t find the actual clip in question – so here’s one of their more famous ones ).


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