Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/12/2011

I’ve Got My (Beady) Eye On You!

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It’s all go, this time of year – and I’m at another party – this time a birthday party for one of my boy’s friends. Despite there being less children present than at the Rugby Club party at the weekend there’s just as much energy and excitement in the air (at least it’s not on the floor or someone would have to clean it up). Parties have come on a long way “since I was a boy” – they’re no longer exclusively held at someone’s house with the highlight of the party being Jelly and Ice-cream; we’re at a dedicated Football/Soccer centre which also organise parties for all ages. The maelstrom of kids have now left, taking their energy with them – and a calm has befallen the room (I can now at least hear myself think (at least I think that’s what that those metallic grinding sounds are!)

There are many problems associated with blogging each day, one is whether you’re repeating yourself (and with the exciting life I lead that is highly likely) at the same time, it’s quite possible that I may have thought I’ve mentioned something in my daily missives but that those thoughts have not made it out of my head. I’m sure I must have mentioned how Ben (Mee) who bought Dartmoor Zoo, had turned his story into a novel and how Holywood had bought into his magnus opus. The film has had it’s US debut to great reviews, which we’re hoping will benefit the zoo fiscally so that Ben’s dreams for the zoo can be fully realised. Whilst watching the trailer for “We Bought A Zoo” I was hit as if by a thunderbolt by one of the phrases that Matt Damon, who is playing the part of Ben, utters.. “I like the animals, and but I love the people“. In the back of my mind something was trying to get my attention – that I had heard this somewhere before and looking back it looks like a condensed version of something I said almost two years ago. My ego may be playing tricks with me but it would be amazing to think that something I might have said had found it’s way to Holywood.  Now, there’s an idea for a New Year’s Resolution (don’t tell the wife)!

I’ve been accepted by a new website that a friend put me onto, Pinterest, and it seems to have a very positive effect on the traffic my Flickr account receives each day. The site is a bit like stumbleupon, Flickr, and facebook whilst at the same time offering a different slant on the social aspects of the Internet that these former sites don’t offer. The site seems more useful to those right-hand brain type people, “the creatives“, with lots of beautiful photos on there. I’ve added two of my own (of course, as Garth and Wayne would say “I’m not worthy.. I’m not worthy!) and whilst only a couple of people have actually responded to my photos on the site I’ve had at least three times the traffic to my Flickr stream than I do normally. Of course it’s these types of mediums that I need to exploit fully in my plan for world domination.. Well, only in photographic terms that is**

Actually at the moment, from a creative point of view I do feel the world is my mollusc – the neurones are firing on full power and my synapses are overloaded trying to transmit all the ideas I have at the moment… in fact you could say things are manic at the moment. Whilst driving home in the gloom of a winter evening I had the bright idea of setting up the camera in the car, on a tripod, and using the tablet remote control to taking long exposure photos from the inside of the car so you get the light trails outside the car but the detail side the car (especially as the interior of my car has a permanent red tinge when in the absence of day light). Of course I won’t be driving whist I do this, that’s what photographic assistants are for.. that and going to get me a cup of coffee, perhaps a muffin as well.. and whilst I’m allocating tasks to them, they need to clean the car first… inside and out… and I mean clean so I can see my face on the matt dashboard! Well, what are you waiting for you ‘orribe little man, get a move on… hup two three four… get those knees up.

* Beady Eye… I am not, nor have I ever been a fan of Oasis or anything that Liam Gallagher has put his name to.. I was always more of a blur man.. which is ironic when you think that I continually strive to eradicate any blur*** from my photographs.
** You don’t think I’d publish it here if I had more grandiose ideas especially where World Domination is concerned.
*** Except for Artistic Blur of course, which most of my photos seem to have in them, well that’s what I call it!


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