Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/12/2011

Sorry We Have No Bananas

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What a week, and there’s still a couple of days left – who knows what surprises may come my way.. and there certainly have been a few this week. I hinted a while ago that I had a rather exciting Iron in the Fire* which became even more exciting with the news this week. Prior to this week, I had been contacted by Alex from Dartmoor Zoo asking whether I wanted to help run a photographic tour at the zoo with him in 2012 something I had envisaged doing in the future, so the timing of Alex’s offer was perfect. So what’s changed? Well, it turns out now that Alex can’t run the course himself and has asked whether I want to run the course all by myself. I will admit that I am a little daunted by prospect of running a photographic course all by myself for fee paying customers – it’s not that I don’t think I’m capable of holding such an event, and I know the staff at the Zoo are fantastic so support will not be an issue… it’s just getting the first one over and done with – and then perhaps it could become a regular event.

One piece of advise I would offer prospective clients who were interesting in making a quantum leap in their photography would be to always have a camera to hand, and to ensure that they took photos each and every day. I have become rather lazy of late, in this respect, with an abundance of photos stockpiled ready to post to Flickr each day, I haven’t been out with my camera daily, stifling my creative juices. However, the lack of images over the past week has resulted in me hunting out possible pictures opportunities (here we go with more alliterations!) so that I may post some images for my adoring public (well.. .not exactly adoring… and come to think of it.. not exactly my public). I hate cliches, but “necessity is the mother of invention” is certainly true, and I’ve come up with some very different photos than the ones I normally post.. and you know what, Dear Reader, it feels goooooood. So this will be one piece of advice I will be offering in January, practise is key, like every discipline, the more you do the better you should get.

As I mentioned last weekend, I’ve bought all the wood necessary to start building a new model railway for my son; his layout will be based on the 00 gauge standard, but I have a deep dark secret… I’ve been buying n gauge track, a locomotive, even a couple of cardboard building kits all which I plan to build my own little layout (a place that is forever England, to paraphrase Rupert Brooke). Today I received an early Christmas present from a good friend… a couple of n gauge trucks, all of which are weathered. I was, and am still grinning as I look at them, mind you I have to take my glasses off if I want to look at them close up… I wonder if you can get Punk Bi-focals!

*One of the best songs by one of the best bands you’ve never heard of.


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