Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/12/2011

Roses In the Hospital

Winter Rose, originally uploaded by

In 99.9% of cases when I’m composing the words for my daily blog, I do have an image that I start (or stare at (usually for hours on end)) the whole writing process from; even if I don’t actually mention the image, the animal, the location or the photographic technique used – the image does help give me a starting point, the germ of an idea. Today, I haven’t as I  don’t have any images to upload to Flickr yet, and as I’m going out to a Christmas Party this evening I have to write the words prior to the photo. Luckily the sun has now come out so I will venture out shortly to see what pictures I can find to take.

If you hadn’t gathered by now, Dear Reader, from my meandering missives (did you like that alliteration, Friend, I might well drop a few more in now we’re in the Christmas Countdown (oops, there I go again!)) that I don’t exactly think linearly – in fact the term tangent isn’t oblique enough for the way my brain works and so just one image can fire off a couple of neurons enough to waffle away for over 500 words. As is the case today.

The clouds parted today, for a brief period, around lunchtime – enough time to take a couple of pictures… unfortunately, that was just before I headed out with my camera. Thank goodness for the 1D4’s 72 weather seals (it can balance a ball on it’s lens), I was able to take a few passable pictures though not the ones I had had in mind – those can wait for another day when it’s not so rainy.

Today’s’ blog title came to me as I was taking the photos; I often find that a lyric pops into my head that may be pertinent to something in my immediate vicinity as was the case when photographing these late blooming roses(surviving more than blooming more like). “Roses In The Hospitals” was the song that really cemented (going to make you an offer you can’t refuse) the Manic Street Preachers as one of my favourite bands. I had liked them prior to this single but this one just hit home, the tune, the lyrics, the arrogance.. the annoyingly good guitar playing (you may think what James Dean Bradfield plays is pretty straight forward but when you see him play such song (especially “Faster”, “Revol” or ”Yes”) whilst spinning round like a whirling Dervish and not drop a note.. well, it does make you feel rather sick with envy (bet he can’t take a picture like wot I does!). I’ve been singing the song all day – not as bad as it sounds (well, not for me – the others in the vicinity may well disagree with that statement) it could be worse (Could Be Worse) I could have a Lady Gaga song (I use that term loosely) running through my head… you wouldn’t be able to tell though.. I have a bit of a Poker Face*!

* The intro to Poker Face sounds like the intro to Pretty Vacant** – the later is still one of my favourite songs (I do use that term loosely). Actually I’ve only heard the first few bars of Poker Face, I couldn’t stand listening to it any further so apologies if the video or the lyrics are not to everyone’s taste (mind you, you have been subjected to some real erm.. . colourful stuff so this is probably pretty tame).
** I used to be a Nihilist but I gave up in despair.

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