Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/12/2011

Do you want salt and vinegar on that?

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Typical, absolutely typical! With the possibility of a day of photography, the weather which had been perfect yesterday decided it would go into hiding today but it didn’t phase me in any way as I HAD A PLAN! Having complained so much about the lack of daylight at this time of day so much recently both verbally and on this blog, I came to the conclusion that I had to take matters into my own hands and that for the next few months I’ll be working indoors photographing anything and everything I can get my hands on. To this end, we went to a local garden centre with the idea of buying a plant in flower to then spend the rest of the day photographing but as you’ve probably come to expect, things didn’t quiet happen that way and I came away from the garden centre sans a horticultural purchase. I didn’t walk away empty handed, however, far from it.. in fact I had – for the second day in a row, to use a flat bed trolley to transport the purchases (yes, plural) to the car.

As mentioned, yesterday’s purchases were a number of pieces of wood that will be used to create a new model railway layout for my boy. Today’s purchases are as much for the family as for my boy – though he does have final veto on the last things we need to buy which will be next year – fish, tropical fish… in fact we already know what fish.. Neon Tetra. As you can probably guess, we bought an aquarium and all the necessary paraphernalia we need to get the aquarium up and running for the next couple of weeks ready for the fish to arrive. This wasn’t a purchase on a whim, we’ve been looking at aquarium for at least 18 months, and of course there is an ulteria motive here.. photography. Once the tank is established and the fish are well and truly at home, I shall be introducing them to Mr Canon and Mr Sigma Macro!

Today’s photo, well I thought I’d seen all different types of Cow Parsley etc, but this is a new one on me. I haven’t yet identified it as a species, but when you’ve got a new discipline to get to grips with, putting that to one side to search for something that seems a little more mundane really isn’t going to happen. I did come across the flower whilst wandering around the edge of a rugby pitch whilst my boy was playing. As well as this flower, I saw at least a dozen different types of mushrooms, but the two pieces of resistance.. I mean.. Pièce de résistance (what a difference two accents can make), I’ve found a foxes’ home (mostly by the smell) and then to cap it all… I know where a Bullfinch lives. So when the light does return, I will be returning with my big camera.. and big lens.. with big hopes to capture these beautiful creatures. In the mean time, there will soon be fish photos appearing on these here pages.



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