Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/12/2011

404 Page Not Found

I’ve stopped scrapping the bottom of the barrel for photographs, there was absolutely nothing left in it for me to plunder, I’m now on to my second barrel, trying to eek out scraps so that I may post something new to Flickr today, as well as for your edification Dear Reader. You will be well aware by now that I have a great fondness for Yellow Mongoose, and it would seem it’s not a recent interest as this photo is testament, taken back in 2006. If only all creatures were as accommodating as this little chap posing as well as he did in his somnolence repose.
The sun has been as perfect as you could wish for a day of photography but whilst I have been out with my camera, it hasn’t actually left the bag.  This isn’t because of lack of subjects, I’ve been rather amazed at the number of flowers around the village where I live.  I’ve had a number of projects in mind for the last few months and which are now more than just an idea.  I’ve been promising to create a new model railway for my boy which require a new base board to be built, so after a short trip to the local DIY store I now have all the bits and pieces I need to create a new setup for him.  The second task I started today resulted in lots of scratches and scrapes; as I’ve mentioned before we have a large hedgerow that runs alongside the edge of our garden in which are a number of Blackthorn bushes.  These have fruited well this year and have weighed heavy with Sloes for the last two months.  I had the idea of picking these berries to make Sloe Gin, and whilst I now have a large bowl full of these dark fruit, I also have hands covered in scrapes.  Let’s hope the gin is worth the effort.
I am hoping to get out with my camera gear tomorrow. Having entered the WWT Autumn competition, they are now running a Winter heat and I need some worthy photos that show Wetlands in Winter that may stand a chance of winning.  We have a number of wetlands close by that I can visit but there is always the lure of WWT Barnes, fingers crossed the weather is in my favour.

The blog title?  Sorry, a bit of a Geeky one but I couldn’t resist (and nearly used photosh… photoshhhhho… photoshhooo, nope, can’t make myself mention “that program”… I nearly created an image using a well know graphics program to create today’s image to mimic a missing web page).  Error 404 is a standard webserver error that denotes that the page that is trying to be accessed does not exist ( you may well have come across them in your browsings Dear Reader).  Today is my 404th blog entry, hence the rather poor attempt at humour.  Be warned, Dear Reader, there are plenty more web errors I will be using!

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