Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/12/2011

It’s a Resolution*

DV3E3770, originally uploaded by

Never has the phrase “having to dig deep” been more appropriate than at the moment with this Blog and also Flickr. Today’s missive will be my 400th blog entry since I first started in 2009, and my 341st consecutive since I made my decision to write every day of 2011. As with my photography, looking back to earlier attempts at writing I’m surprised how much I’ve progressed, and in fact how much I can find to write about each day and still (mostly) enjoy it.

Despite having had a surplus of images going into Autumn for posting on Flickr each day, I’m now having to trawl through my Filer for images that I might have not posted (again, digging deep). With the absence of colour from plants and flowers at this time of year, I always find it difficult to comprehend that these flowers will return when examining past photos showing what seems an alien landscape suffused with bright vivid hues, such is the gloom of the British winter.

I’ve been reading up on the new flagship camera from Canon, the 1D X, and was struck by something that’s new to the camera that’s a bit like trying to imagine space being infinite – it just doesn’t compute. The new model now has a full RJ45 ethernet connector (the type you have on your PC/Mac/laptop to connect to your broadband router or network switch) allowing you to connect the camera to the network. You can already purchase a wireless networking add on for the 1 series cameras allowing reporters to immediately transfer images straight up to the new agencies as it happens – but to see an ethernet port already built in looks so alien. It will be incredibly useful for studio work where the photographer wants to review the images as they’re taken. You can already do this using the USB port but it is quite slow, USB v3 will rectify this but it’s still early days for this upgrade to the standard – ethernet interfaces come in a number of different flavours all dependent on their speed capabilities, 10Mbps, 100Mbps every 10Gbps (just over 1Gbyte transfered in one second – that’s going some).

I mentioned the future of my blog and possible New Years Resolutions for 2012 to my wife at the weekend, her response still has me smiling – she was very insistent that before I make any rash (or stupid) decisions to run them past her first!

*A misquote of a Cult song “It’s a Revolution”

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