Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/12/2011

Feeling a bit flat today.

Water Buffalo, originally uploaded by

Here we are, at the beginning of another week and whilst I may have had an incredibly productive weekend I still have a bucket load of things to do (bucket load.. it’s a bit like the vernacular term “shed loads” but for the messier stuff that tends not to smell as pleasant). Top of the list, apart from completing this blog each day of course, has to be to finish and formally (or informally, I feel we’re on good enough terms these days, Dear Reader) launch my new website and shop (Fork Handles anyone?). I really don’t have much to do on the blessed thing, but so far it’s been pushed down the pecking order and as I’ve had some feedback on my exhibition (which is still in situ. as opposed to in vitro) it’s time to expend as much energy on finishing it off as I do on this blog (so in other words, it won’t get done for at least another year !!).

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a Geek when it comes to technology and know my IP from my MAC address, my router from my firewall and my C shell from Command Prompt but at times I really hate all this electronic gadgetry. Yesterday was a case in point, frustration wasn’t the word for these supposed time savers – none of the portable devices I owned seemed to be charged when I needed them. When needing to research some information for yesterday’s blog, I turned to my android tablet only to find it as dead as Norwegian Blue. Rather than access my email using my PC I reached for my iPod Touch (yes, I do own ONE Apple product – despite it’s price it was still half the price of a multi-CD changer for my car (I won’t mention the specific manufacturer but it’s not a million miles from ALV)), that too had run out of charge and when I grabbed my phone as I headed out I found it as responsive as a Hedge Fund Manager at a Risk Aversion course. Mind you.. it was all user error (or PEBCAK… problem exists between chair and keyboard) unless I convert them to absorb background radiation then I do really need to plug them in now and then.

I haven’t been out with the camera at all over the weekend, despite the fantastic light but I did pick up the camera today and did something rather odd. I actually removed the camera from the 600mm lens and put on.. I hope you’re sitting down Dear Reader, I don’t want the shock to be so much that you pass out… I attached a wide angle lens to it (as oppose to a Wide Angel lens which is something completely different.. I suspect, every time you attach a Wide Angel lens, a bell rings). The early morning mist and fog has been incredibly dramatic of late and I feel inspired each time I’m out and about at the early hours of the morning, it’s just the inspiration of a warm and comfy bed often out ways the initial thought go getting up.

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