Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/12/2011

It’s the Final Countdown!

Eurasian Lynx, originally uploaded by

As much as I’ve tried to use music allusions as blog titles through out the year, from song’s I particularly like, a number have found their way simply because of their relevance and not my liking for them. Today’s is certainly in the later camp, Europe…. don’t like the band, don’t like the fiscal policies, how many times was this played during Disco’s whilst at University… (rhetorical.. again, I’ll give you some warning when I want audience participation). So why use a song title that I don’t like by a band to which I am equally disposed? Well, I’m sure you can guess really – we’re now into the last month of my challenge, to blog each and every day of 2011 and each day now is a step closer (mind you ever day is a day closer, it just feels closer now) to realising my goal. I’m also in touching distance of my second goal, to achieve 100,000 views on Flickr in one year, needing only 600 more to achieve this aspiration as well.

I, like the rest of you out there(probably), use Google to carry out all my searches on the Internet and what I do like about the Search Engine giant’s offering is the auto-complete functionality when typing in words which includes other suggested search terms that have been carried out. Whilst looking for more information on the numbers of Eurasian Lynx in the wild, one of the search terms offered was “Eurasian Lynx for sale”. Now I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, but of course there will be a market “out there” for these magnificent creatures, after all I wrote a blog about certain exotic ducks, geese and swans that I particularly like being for sale. I don’t have any inclination to convert my back garden into an enclosure for this medium sized cat, and can’t quite believe people should want to own this or any other of the cat family – though obviously they do. I don’t have the knowledge or the experience to care for such a beast, more over I don’t have the correct environment to provide any of these creatures a home they deserve.

I haven’t been paying attention to the holly trees adjacent to our garden over the last week, and it would appear that the birds have made a significant dent in the numbers of scarlet berries that the trees bore. Interestingly, the fruit have been taken from specific parts of the tree, those that are easily accessible from deep cover, leading me to think it’s the visiting Redwings that are gorging themselves rather than the already overfed pigeons. These areas are poorly lit and as such are no loss to my photographic opportunities, the remaining will, light willing, provide ample chances to snap these winter visitors in all their glory. If you’re out with your camera this weekend, May the Light be with you!


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