Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/11/2011

Back to the Future!

OLD OLD Photos!, originally uploaded by

You may be thinking you’ve just hit 88 miles per hour in your sleek stainless steel supercar when looking at today’s image from 2010 (c’mon you must know that film reference… I even made it easy… it’s today’s blog title)… it’s not because I felt a desperate need to show these pictures off today, it’s because I failed to plan.. oh… damn.. so much for my preaching yesterday.. well pride cometh after a home, not before a fall (pride fall… who’s ever heard of that?*).

My attempt to boost votes for a photo I have entered into the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust photographic competition is progressing but not as fast as I would like. I should have started earlier really, I have only 8 days left until this leg of the competition is over and I need at least 180 votes to take me into the lead. Not really realistic to think I’ll get those number of votes in the time remaining but I’m not going to give in and will keep pestering people to vote.. speaking of which:

If you haven’t already, I would be grateful if could just click on the vote button please.

Having looked back through this year’s flickr photos, there’s been a distinct lack of flora posted in the last few months, in fact there’s been a lot less than than in previous years. I have no real favourite between animals, birds and plant when it comes to taking photos, the subject has to be in a position where I can make the most of it’s attributes and then I’ll snap away. Quite often I stand next to people snapping away when the subject won’t make for a good photograph – a common mistake – no end of photoshopping won’t make a silk purse.. and all that (can’t use the rest of the cliche, I don’t want to inflame the animal rights people out there**). It’s always looking at the subject from more than one perspective, even if the first framing is the best, there may be other interesting photos still possible to eek out a situation. Sometimes, it’s just best to watch or walk away Renee and come back later.

*Homepride, a UK food manufacture first started in the UK, is probably best known by it’s iconic Fred character which is now probably more famous than their produce. Not the only one’s are they… compare anything anyone? Simples!
**No animals were hurt in the writing of this blog (though a few’s feelings were hurt when reading it (due to bad grammar))


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