Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/11/2011

There once was an ugly duckling

Borage, originally uploaded by

As well as vanity URLs, I also hate Cliches, so today on my blog ( here’s a cliche – fail to plan – plan to fail. It’s true you know, I’ve been messing about with my new website for nearly a month now and there was still plenty to do on the site, in fact none of the pages were finished. To try and sort out my brain (that’ll take some doing), I decided to create a project plan listing all the work that needs to be carried out on each page. No sooner had I written it all down, than I set to work on a few of the “easy win” pages and now have three of the six pages complete. I’m still not happy with the way the site is displaying the images which I will have to work on but if I’m not careful I’ll have a fully functioning site very soon.

I was going to post images of a Coscoroba Swan, the smallest of the swan family, today but looking at the images in the cold light of day (as opposed to the gloom of my office – I am going to buy a SAD light to use when I’m in there) the images are not of a sufficient quality to post on Flickr (and therefore on this ‘ere blog). I do have so great photos of these birds but I must have copied across the wrong photos so you will have to wait a bit longer for my images (alternately, go and google them).

Whilst researching details about the swan, I found a UK based website (and company) that sells a wide variety of water birds, including the Coscoroba Swan (but not Spoonbill Sandpipers!) which got me thinking that I could make a very large pond in my garden and buy some of my favourites, which the company does sell. Whilst this initially sounds ideal, then had to factor how to stop them flying away. I wouldn’t want to clip their wings, I really don’t like to see birds that have had it done to them, so it would have to be a large cage of some sort – in fact it would have to be a fairly robust cage otherwise the local foxes would make a beeline for the birds, which I’m sure the RSPCA, RSPB and any other Protection Society (royal or not) would have an issue with. So, nice idea but a bit impractical. Perhaps when I win the lottery I’ll buy a big enough space where I can recreate the aviary at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, which resembled something out of Jurassic Park due to it’s huge size (it even has a 30 meter waterfall in the 2.5 acre enclosure). I’ll spare no expense.

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