Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/11/2011

Head In the Sand*

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Don’t worry, Dear Reader, I have calmed down today, and will promise that today’s blog will not contain any ranting or moaning… well, no ranting anyway. I’ve had another day sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours, though as fog has been present all day I felt little inspiration to actually unpack my camera still in it’s bag after yesterday’s little round trip.

I have been reviewing some of my old photos, with a view to adding them to my new and improved website, which still isn’t finished. The major stumbling block with the new site isn’t actually the layout, or the words, or even the photos – none of those will take me long to complete. The problem lies with a new facility that will be added to the site, the ability to purchase some of my work either as prints, canvas or other goodies that I can come up with. The framework for the whole transaction is handled by a third party so I don’t need to worry about security, interactions with payment bureaus, etc. – it’s coming up with a way of displaying “the goods” (or the “averages” more like, rather than good). I could take photos of the items in question but do not feel it will really convey the images themselves well. So I’m going to have to try and get creative to come up with an alternate way to represent the items themselves.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, to create a series of photos using animal, bird, reptile, marine patterns, and I have taken numerous pictures – the issue now is to locate them. I can generally find the images in question, when it comes to the whole animals being able to recall how the animal was acting, but abstract images are a little harder to recall. I really do need to find a better way of indexing and searching. This technology exists and is relatively straight forward, using meta data, I could even employ even more complex methods involving databases which would speed up the whole process… it’s the number of images that’s the problem.. I’ve just been too shutter happy and admin shy!

*Linking to the last paragraph, today’s image is of Ostrich feathers hence the blog title.


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