Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/11/2011

Songs for Drella….#

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Wow…. wow….wow… I’m not sure you’re going to get much more sense out of me on this ‘ere blog* today, or the rest of the week. I’ve just received an email from the chap who runs the children’s football on a Saturday morning regarding an event that is happening this weekend. Arranged many weeks, if not months, ago a number of the children are going on to the pitch at half time during the Reading vs Cardiff match at the Madjeski stadium where they will be taking penalties on the half way line. My boy is going to be one of those players at half time and it now transpires, and the reason for my demonstrative utterance, that I too will be on the pitch, but instead of taking pot shots at someone in goal, I’ll be taking photographs of the kids as they have a fraction of their 15 minutes.

I’m not sure the implication or responsibility has sunk in yet, having only just received the email, but I think I’d better start doing my homework ie. weather forecast, light levels, direction of the sun, timings etc. I’d also better get my finger out and see if I can fix my flashgun in case I need it. As the White Rabbit said, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late… no that wasn’t it.. So much to do so little time. I think that’s more like it.

Actually that phrase is more applicable to all aspects of my photography at the moment than to just this photo opportunity (and fingers cross that it could be a great opportunity) . My To Do list includes, sorting out a couple of photo folders to determine whether the images are duplicates of ones that have already been filed, create a master backup of my “first class“** images, finish off the website, filter the images for the website, select two photos to create canvases from, finish my Blog book, and a couple of other projects I have in mind.

Of these the sort of the images is the most problematic; I have sorted through flickr on numerous occasions, the selected images having been opened in a separate tab in the browser I was using. This task, each time I’ve carried it out, has taken a good while, as you can imagine with over 2,500 photos on the website. I then find I’ve run out of time, and need to power off my machine but am not able to save the state of the browser (which is odd, as I’m sure I was able to in a previous version), so have to then go through the whole rigmarole of choosing again. I should be able to figure out an easier way of achieving this task (though of course this could take me longer than the task itself). I need the images themselves as Flickr will show me the date the photo was taken which I can use to locate the image, something that is much easier than wading through the 3Tb of photos currently house on my Filer**. (Hard disk) Space.. the final frontier… this is the continuing mission to store all data.

*Really, I’ve already re-iterated numerous times (hence the re…) that it never makes that much sense anyway, Ed.
**I’m not saying they’re first class as in best, more likely those that have cost me the most in blood, sweat and tears… and cash!
***Shock/horror… I actually deleted some photos on the filer recently that were substandard… and it wasn’t even through space pressure issues as is normal motivator (as documented recently).
#Referring to my earlier comment “15 minutes” taken from Warhol’s famous phrase, the blog title is taken from an Album by Lou Reed and John Cale, both who were in the Velvet Underground, and is a homage to Warhole who was their manager. I have the album somewhere, I should go listen to it – it’s been a long time since it saw the light of day (white light of course, followed by white heat).



  1. Good luck with Penalties my friend!
    It’s all a question of priorities, and your number one priority…for ‘Gs’ sake make sure you get a cracker of your son!!
    And what…..ISO 500 wide open @ 9fps? Just keep your finger on the button!!

    Better you than me…And of course if you don’t get a cracker of your boy, your good lady – his mum – will NEVER allow you to spend another penny on equipment!

    Cheers :-0)

  2. Maybe you’ve already solved your problem, but you could use a plugin/extension like TooManyTabs for your browser for keeping a hold on those tabs you open and storing them for a later date. That or perhaps Session Manager. I think they are both available for Firefox and Chrome.

    Good luck on the pitch!

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