Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/11/2011

A Mother’s Love

I promise to be a little more sensible (and coherent) tonight, it’s been another long day in front of a computer so the possibility of me stringing more than two sentences together is unlikely. Whilst sorting through my 2011 photos for images to transfer across to the new website, I realised I had only posted one image from a series of lioness and cub as they bonded taken on the Masai Mara. It was an incredibly touching thing to witness especially as we were only around 30ft from the animals, and these two were not alone they were part of a 23 strong group. Not once did any of us fear for our safety even when the animals came within 2 feet of where I was sitting – it wasn’t as if there was much to protect us if they had decided to jump into the vehicle – but there was little risk of this especially with out experienced Masai Guide and Driver.

Looking back through the images has got me hankering to go back, or rather to visit the animals I normally photograph in Zoos in their natural habitats. I should really start to think about the commercial aspect of any visit, how I can utilise and capitalise on images I take.

With my love of Cheetah’s I should really look at producing a book to share my love of these creatures. If and when I do return to the Mara, I will focus on these creatures only, to try and produces a narrative that shows the day to day living of these magnificent animals. Well, that’s the theory anyway.



  1. Nature nurturing. The picture above–a good example of why I believe love (and freedom) is fundamental to why all are here.

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