Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/11/2011



Meerkat Pups, originally uploaded by

I guess I should be interested, Dear Reader, in Canon’s latest announced camera – the EOS C300 – but I can honestly say I’m not, despite my recent dabblings…. the C300 is a new digital video camera with interchangeable lenses. Certainly if I were to start making movies of the wildlife I love to photograph, then it would be a cheaper option than many of the movie cameras out there that are capable of full HD but I would definitely need a team of people to carry all the equipment… actually that’s not a bad idea, especially after my near back breaking trip to London Zoo.

Yesterday’s Andy Rouse talk was very interesting and instead of coming back depressed that my images are so inferior I felt quite motivated to venture out and take more photos – and more importantly to put more effort into my new website. I aim to have it up and running by then end of November, if not sooner – though of course my blog comes first for the moment – I HAVE to complete my New Year’s Resolution (let’s hope it’s more a Revolution than a Resolution).

Today’s image and we’re back to the Meerkat pups, despite my indifference to the adults, I took so many photos of them that you may well have to endure more of them – if I can of course (I suspect I will give in before you do, Dear Reader). Actually that’s got me thinking as to what a very young Coati or Yellow Mongoose, much much cuter I suspect. That’s another photo opportunity to add to the growing list of things to photograph.

*I’m listening to Ida Maria’s fantastic “Fortress Round My Heart” from 2008, a definite Friday album if ever there were one – I bet you thought I was referring to the drink, especially as it is Friday night – but I’m relaxing with glass of wine tonight, not beer. (Stella is one of the tracks off Maria’s album).


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