Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/11/2011

Nice to see you… to see you…

Yellow Mongoose, originally uploaded by

Well, it’s all go isn’t it? Isn’t it? Oh, sorry… my mistake, I thought it was. Tonight I will mostly be going to listen to a lecture given by Andy Rouse, Wildlife Photographer (there’s nothing I like more than being lectured at (NOT), so let’s say he’s giving a talk so I don’t have to dig my heals in). If you’re a photographer (and why else would you be reading this blog (it can’t be for entertainment, perhaps you have trouble sleeping?)) you will have probably heard of Andy Rouse already but for those who haven’t, here’s a link to his website – but please do come back and visit me!

That was a bit daft of me really wasn’t it, sending you off to look at photos from a much better photographer…. …… ….., I was hoping, Dear Reader, that after all we’ve been through this year that you might have offered some words of reassurance.. even contradict me, that my pictures are not inferior to those of my namesake’s!

Today’s image was taken during my trip to Marwell Zoo, which is now a dim and distant memory, even though it was just over a week ago. The lighting conditions were perfect, plenty of sun but without the heat (it is November after all), the later is important when you’re lugging around over 42lbs of camera gear, but even so, you do need to do you homework before you go so that you are able to witness the animals doing more than sleep as well as ensuring that any light is illuminating the enclosure and therefore the inhabitants from the right angle. There’s nothing worse (yes, I know there is, perhaps I mean frustrating) than having the light but the animal is either in the shadows or with it’s back to it (though you can get some good silhouettes or arty shots in these cases). Animals (and people) are creatures of habit – they will usually have a favourite spot to rest (the sofa, direct line of sight to the tv, with a beer and the remote close at hand (and that’s just the tigers)) – so you can predict when the light will be right, when they will be active and when you can get that killer shot. I’m still waiting for mine!

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