Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/11/2011

Choices… choices….

Decisions, decisions. I receive GroupOn offers to my email each day and have taken advantage of some rather good deals on large scale canvas or board prints; I now have to try and select two images to print in addition to the one I have had already printed of Sita. The real issue is wading through all the photos I’ve posted on Flickr (which is kind of my source of truth for my best stuff) though this has been made slightly easier with the progress of the new website which will feature the best images and where I will be trying to hawk some of my them.

Thinking about which image I’m most proud of, it would be very easy to keep referring to the image of Sita the Cheetah from Dartmoor zoo, not because the Zoo uses it on their flyers, an advert in Primary Times as well as their entrance bill board but because it’s such a good photo however I do feel I should at least consider some of the other pictures I’ve taken.

Images that spring to mind are the Leopard on a branch in the Masai Mara, the blue winged Kookaburra, White-faced Scops Owl in a tree, Lilac-breasted Roller in Lake Nakuru, any number of the Bald Eagle I’ve taken over the years.. and then there are the flowers of course. I’ll let you know what I decide, when I actually make a decision – and I might even include a photo of the finished canvases if you’re really unlucky.

I have come up with one short list – for some competitions that are running at the moment at the WWT. I have narrowed down two images for each site I’ve visited recently that I’m happy to submit to their competition – and I’ve just noticed they’re running a blog competition as well, something which I should be ideally suited to. There is one problem though… the blog can only have a maximum of 200 words…. this only gives me enough to get started.. what about the middle and the end?!? (or waffle as it’s more commonly known)


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