Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/11/2011

Review Time

Baby Meerkats, originally uploaded by

After my exhausting trip to London Zoo yesterday, for which I’m still feeling the after effects from lugging a bag full of lenses, I upgraded a website I’ve been working on (and off, mostly off) to allow me to include a shopping cart/basket facility to the site – thereby hopefully allowing me to start generating some income from all my dormant photos (or rather recoup some of the costs incurred taking the photos!). As part of the site creation, I’ve spent the evening going through my photos on flickr, or rather some of the 2,500 that are currently on there, with a view to using the best on the new site.

I’ve said before how I can be quite dissatisfied with the images that I have posted to Flickr,today wasn’t one of those days and the more I reviewed the images the more content I was with the photos I have chosen. Sure, there are some pretty average photos on there but there are some quite passable ones as well, one might even go as far as to call them good. That is, however, in stark contrast to the images I downloaded to my computer from my trip to London Zoo – I’m not sure even one of them will find their way into the Internet, but as the light was poor I’m quite content to consign them to the binary bin (well, I’ll store them on a hard drive until I need the space… and then I’ll not remember they’re rubbish so will look for an alternative solution to my storage predicament).

The other reason I don’t feel yesterday was a wasted trip is that I now have a one years membeship to Whipsnade and London Zoo (ZSL society) and so can go as many times as I like (or rather can find time for) come rain or shine… or snow…. now there’s an idea…. tigers in the snow (why does that sound like some sort of Prog Rock group!?!)


  1. “Riders in the storm”?

    You should forget your photography, with all your knowledge of all the zoos you have attended you would make a great A Zoo Keeper or Inspector. A senior one of course…I mean….not a Johnny Morris!

    Of all the zoos in all the world you had to walk into mine…..

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