Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 31/10/2011


Coati, originally uploaded by

I can honestly say I am exhausted – literally. Carrying all my camera gear around today has really worn me out – and I didn’t even take than many photos. The weather, and therefore the lighting, was distinctly lacking today so instead of the 800-1500 photos I was expecting to take, I only took over 200 photos.

Many of the animals either ran away when they saw me set up my camera gear (par for the course really) or were not performing for the camera but as ever it’s a pleasure to be so close to such wild creature (though thankfully there are bars, glass or brick walls separating them from us – I wouldn’t want to get as close to the Black Mambas or King Cobra’s in the wild as at the zoo).

Today’s image was three zoos ago, Marwell, and is of one of my favourite small animals – Coati. They should have a greater affection in the public psyche than Meerkats, as they have so much more personality than their more famous counterparts. I have been lucky enough to get up close and personal with Coati, having been in an enclosure with a number of them – and they are truly adorable.

This is the last blog for October and I now only have two months left to go; this is my 304th of this year – 61 more to go. Assuming that the average blog is around 300 words, I have written over 91,000 words this year alone. Writing a book, a dissertation, magazine articles etc should be a doddle…. though I might need a bit of a rest before I tackle any of those!


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