Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/10/2011

I’m going to another zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow…

Meerket, originally uploaded by

Tomorrow is the last of my wildlife sojourns for the moment but I’m probably as excited about my day out at London Zoo as I am about any of the wildlife encounters I’ve had over the last few weeks. It can’t be the dazzling lights of London that has me all eager for tomorrow’s click-fest, neither can it be the zoo grounds themselves – the zoo is one of the oldest in the world and suffers from the confines the Victorians imposed (it’s nowhere near as much space as places like Whipsnade). What ever it is, I’m looking forward to my day out, though this time I’ll be travelling by train, unlike yesterdays’ 380 mile round trip!

Actually there are two reasons that have popped into my head about tomorrow, Gorillas and Malaysian Tigers. I’ve mentioned before how I’m fascinated by all of the great apes ((though I am a little freaked out by Bonobos, they look so weird (it is reciprocal, Bonobos think I look weird too!) and NO, I do not resemble gorillas, my hair is much greyer!) so being in close proximity to Gorillas is always an awesome (in the true sense) experience.

You don’t see a lot of Malaysian Tigers, well not round our way any way, most Zoos prefer the much larger and impressive Amur (or Siberian) Tiger than this subspecies, the later weighing in at around 500lb (average weight), where as the Malaysian Tigers are around 120Kg. Either way I still wouldn’t want to come face to face with one up a dark alley one evening (or day, or even in an open space..).

It’s possibly also completing such a mammoth (haven’t seen one yet, that’s next on my list) amount of wildlife photography over the last three weeks – it’s got my creative juices flowing and as such I want to keep photographing as much as possible, whenever possible. Now there’s a thing, I could photograph the train on the way in, or stick my head out of the window and video the trip. Second thoughts, I like my head where it is, sitting on my shoulders rather on some rail side!


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