Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/10/2011


Rain certainly hasn’t stopped play today and I’ve been out this morning walking around Dartmoor zoo. Despite the inclement weather I do have a few shots that I’m pleased with, and even taken some more video (I know – I can hear you, Dear Reader, and I am NOT a traitor). With lunch over, a chat with the owner Ben, it’s time to head out and video… I mean photograph some more.

Interestingly, the AWB (auto white balance) which is normally incredibly reliable, is somewhat off and for once I’ve had to manually compensate for the camera’s error. As I said, this is highly unusual, it’s probably about the only auto setting I use on the camera (with the exception of auto-focus but I count that more a function of the lens than the camera) and one I never think about though perhaps I should from a creative point of view. Mind you, my creative attempts usually find their way on to the cutting room floor (damn, I’m even using movie analogies now, perhaps I should give up on video before I succumb any more).

Dartmoor Zoo is around 180 miles from where I live, a bit of a drive, but luckily it’s all motorway/dual carriages so it didn’t take me long to get to the zoo. The rain has set in for the day, but unperturbed I’ve been round one last time, despite light levels having dramatically fallen.  As part of a thank you from the zoo, a number of their supporters – including myself – have been invited up to an evening Halloween Party. I’ll update the blog when I’m back.

I’m  afraid my stamina gave out around 5pm and I decided I had to drive home before I fell asleep at the wheel – so after what seems a much longer journey home, I’m ensconced in my office, with a medicinal Brandy as the rain and wind buffet the house.

Today’s image is from Marwell Zoo and is of one of the cubs, with mother framing it.  Actually, it was quite amusing to watch – Mother Snow Leopard had just stretched and yawned – which cub number 1 decided to mimic.  It was as if it was saying that when it grew up it was going to be just like Momma Snow Leopard.  I wonder what I’ll do when I grow up… mind you, plenty of time to decide before I actually do!



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