Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 28/10/2011

Another brick in the wall.

I apologise for any typos, or odd words that may appear here, I’m currently at Legoland, having watched a fantastic firework display. Now standing in line for a rollercoaster… in the dark. What’s this got to do with wildlife or photography? For once, I’m not even going to try and shoehorn some tangent reference or comparison. I will however add some more here when I get to a computer and I’ll get rid of those superfluous full stops. Oh, and correct any spelling mistakes. Oh, and any grammatical errors. Oh, and add a photo.  Looks like I’ve made more work for myself not less.

Back home now, and I didn’t have to correct too much – my phone was pretty sensible at it’s suggested words, not like some examples I’ve seen on the net!  She’s beautiful isn’t she?  This is the proud mother of three adorable bundles of fluff (one fluff ball is featured on Flickr today and there’ll be some more over the coming days) and whilst I had to wait quite a while to see her cubs, it was certainly worth the time spent, even if the cubs came out to play briefly.

These fantastic creatures, found in the mountain ranges of Central Asia,  are incredibly illusive – both their habitat and their nocturnal lifestyle makes it difficult to judge just how many of these animals are in the wild, but best guesses range from 3,000 to 5,000 (which for a big cat is quite a healthy number!).  The harsh environment they live in is evident in the thickness of their coat, and especially their tail which looks like a draft excluder.. well, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be – when it lays down to sleep it wraps it’s tail around it to help keep it warm.  Toasty in fact!


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