Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 26/10/2011

In Absentia – Day Two

Two blog, 1000 words done so far today, and I now have to come up with something else to talk (or waffle) about!  Any ideas?  Standpup comics can rely on audience participation when they dry up, musicians can get fans to shout out song names when they don’t know what to play next, so I think it only fair that I get some Reader participation (a bit like “Just a minute” but with Repetition) .Of all the captive bird areas at Barnes, the ones where the White Faced Ducks are is my favourite.  Surrounded by reeds, when the light illuminates the enclosure, the colours reflected in the water makes such a perfect backdrop for it’s inhabitants (well, in photographic terms anyway).  Whilst I don’t usually like to photograph the same subjects regularly, I positively relish photographing these birds because the environment is so conducive.

Thinking about it (yes I do occasionally engage my brain, though admittedly not when writing this blog – which probably shows) I guess I don’t like repeating anything I’ve done before, such as subjects, plus I always try to take the very best image of a subject that I can so there then seems little point in re-shooting a subject.  Of course I’m deluding myself – I can always take a better photo (presuming I do manage to get better as a photographer) plus whilst animals, birds etc are predictable, they are also unpredictable so there’s always something new poses to capture.

I can’t believe it, the weather has been unseasonably warm for the last couple of weeks, and there are plants and flowers thinking it’s turned to spring (I saw some buds on some trees today) – but with only 12 hours to go until my trip to Marwell Zoo and it’s suddenly started to bucket it down.  Not just heavy rain, it’s heavy heavy rain man!



  1. You are correct, it is much easier for those Stand-pup comics, but they learn from their elders like good old Jack Russell, god he was funny and that German one who was a Shepherd, what was his …Oh yea Al Sation.

    Just keep writing my friend we will keep reading it. Maybe a few more pics each blog?

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