Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/10/2011

The Lone Ranger

Passion Flower?, originally uploaded by

What a day; both myself and my camera have been incredibly busy – it actually took me two hours to upload all the photos, that’s the difficulty when you take 40Gb’s worth of data cards with you. I haven’t started to look through them yet – I’ve had to spread them across two machine to speed up the process.

Today was the last football match of the season for the kids football team I take photos for, and what an unseasonal day it was. The pitches where they play are in a valley, and I’ve spent many Saturday mornings frozen, standing on the sidelines taking photos. We’re in the third week of October in the UK, and whilst I started out with a hat, gloves, scarf, fleece and coat. By the middle of the morning, I had dispensed with the fleece, gloves, coat, scarf (I’d retained my hat as my hair is fairly long now, and I hadn’t restrained it in any way).

I also spent the afternoon cutting the grass – in t-shirt and shorts! We’re one week away from November – Autumnwatch is on the TV – if there are any Global Warming doubters out there – well, they’re deluding themselves.

I received an absolutely fantastic email today from a contact at Dartmoor Zoo; they are holding a Halloween party for a number of companies that have supported them over a very difficult time for them to say thank you and we have been invited to it. It’s only a week away but I will try and make it .

Taking this into account, in the next 8 days, I will be visiting 5 wildlife establishments – it’s a good job I have 2Tb of disk space free to upload the photos to (I really do need to delete all those below standard photos to free up more space).

Today’s blog title? Well, we have a new addition to the house – a new TV! We haven’t bought one, our friends were storing one for a friend who are now living abroad and they want rid of it (we have it one Lone!) – and it’s now sitting in front several feet away from me – I’m watching Life of Brian. Consider the Lily..


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