Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/10/2011

Who are you calling a charlatan?

Cheetah, originally uploaded by

Hello Dear Reader, I’m back… did you miss me? I must say that I do feel a whole lot better today than I have over the last week, and the miasma clouding my brain has lifted… well, it’s not gone, it’s now at a higher altitude than it was previously – I guess I no longer have my head in the clouds.

I don’t know what it is,but I feel a certain affinity with today’s animal, whenever I see them I’m always make a bee line to photograph them. It’s not that I’m any type of trickster, I just love the how elegant and graceful these animals are – I hate cliches but.. they really are poetry in motion. There, I’ve said it, I will now go an serve my penance for using a platitude.

Up to now I’ve only photographed adult Cheetah’s, and I had hoped to be taking pictures of much younger animals than these, but it’s quite evident that this animal isn’t yet fully grown. The “fluff” around the animals neck will be lost as it matures, unless it keeps eating all the pies (wildebeast, eland, topi pies, get them while they’re hot.. they’re lovely).

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