Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/10/2011

Today, not t’Mara.

mara, originally uploaded by

Mara wander freely around Whipsnade zoo, and I don’t really pay them much attention – they are, after all, just giant guinea pigs but when I saw this mother and baby, I couldn’t help myself. Luckily, they were off the beaten track allowing me to get close enough without fear of them being disturbed, and any people who did pass by were good enough to give the animals as well as myself a wide berth (I’m hoping it was to allow me to get my photos – though thinking about it now… it could have been to ensure they didn’t catch anything off the mad photographer).

The mother mara kept her beady eye on me at all times, as did the baby, but after a little while they were more relaxed and the young mara started to suckle again. They were even accepting enough, that when I moved positions, they were totally unconcerned and carried on eating or resting.

The images show how a good light source can make even the least impressive subject (sorry, Mara, but you’re not a Cheetah or Jaguar!) look fantastic – I often refer to this as making the colours “pop”. Unfortunately as we move into autumn and then winter, what light we will get will be limited.. which makes me S.A.D.!


  1. Beautiful shot

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