Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/10/2011

I tawt I taw a putty tat!

Eurasian Lynx, originally uploaded by

A short one today, you be glad to hear Dear Reader, as like ‘Punk’ I too am under the weather. Today’s photo is of one of a pair of Lynx cubs that were born at Whipsnade Zoo recently and another attempt at something more arty than usual.

Having arrived at their enclosure first thing in the morning, this was all I was able to see of them as they hid amongst branches, logs, bushes etc. in fact their normal habitat. With that in mind, I wanted to try and take a picture that I might if I had seen them in the wild – of the batch this is the one I’m most pleased with.

Did you know Sir Peter Scott (son of Scott of the Antarctic), naturalist, painter, conservationist to name but a few drew up the idea for the Red Book – not to be confused Mao’s little Red Book – the Red Book, in conservation terms, details species and their conservation status.

Luckily, the Lynx doesn’t make and appearance, being widely distributed through Eastern Europe and part of Asia – it is classified as “Least Concern”. Well, whether other people are concerned about it or not – I like them.


  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather old chum (sorry ‘young’ chum, my cardy got caught up then), hope it clears up soon. Didn’t stop you posting though and taking a cracking pic. You are a true trooper.
    Rock On!
    BTW, for what it’s worth, no I don’t see any reply responses to comments made.
    Must also check my blog see if the same applies.

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