Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/10/2011

Tastes Change

Puna Teal, originally uploaded by

We had an interesting conversation at the dinner table this evening (yes, we’re one of those odd families that still has dinner around the dining table most evenings) which was much earlier than I thought I’d be having with my eight year old. He asked me the question I’d been dreading and one which I should have done my homework over much earlier.. he asked me who my favourite bands were. I should have said I needed at least three months notice for such a question but I did try and answer it there and then.

Now music used to be the centre of my world, more so.. and I know you might find this difficult to believe so please take a seat before I tell you… ready?… music used to be even more important in my sphere than photography. There, I’ve admitted it, and I feel better for it and thank you Dear Reader for allowing me to get that off my chest.

Whilst I still like music and am proud of my music collection (not as big as John Peel’s but not bad) it’s not the obsession it used to be – I am first and foremost, a photographer.

Now I should have lead the conversation with the above admittance.. so I could stall for time.. instead I just started reeling off band names left right and centre – hoping I’d get the definitive list right subconsciously. I didn’t… I really should have prep’d. So here’s some of the names I reeled off:

Queens of the Stone Age
Belle and Sebastian
Half Man Half Biscuit
Goldie Lookin’ Chains

So what exactly does this have to do with Photography, or nature.. absolutely nothing… but then I never really said I’d be solely writing about either of those subjects exclusively.

Rumours are about of a canon 1D5 announcement this week – in fact, it seems a dead cert that a replacement will be announced, with a few megapixels more but full frame this time instead of a cropped sensor. What ever is announced, it’s going to have to be something special to be able to improve on the 1D4 – as you’ll see with the Lynx and Cheetah pictures this week.



  1. Very interesting post young Andrew! I didn’t really appreciate how important music was/is to you. (I knew there was something I liked about you other than your great photos).

    You penultimate paragraph asks the question ‘what does this have to with photography?’ Well as you may or may not know I am a Music Biz Vet started playing in 1953 and turned pro in 1960, and guess what my question is? So what does that list of yours exactly have to do with MUSIC?

    Only kidding of course I have all their 78’s of all those on the list…listen to em all the time…

  2. Fun post, Andrew, and lovely photo.

  3. I couldn;t agree with Mark more, I am the long suffering person who was subjected to all that so called music, some years ago. I should introduce myself. I am his Dad

    • Excellent Barry Hahaha. TURN OT DOWN!

      On the upside my son Jozif who was the main culprit in our house, is now a professional DJ & Music Producer and earns unbelievable amounts of money mainly for playing ‘records’! He has just returned from an 11 day tour of America, and was recently paid a 5 figure sum for writing 15 seconds of music for a Japanese Cigarette company.
      When he played it to me I thought he was having a laugh…I didn’t understand it at all, and I’m trained musician!!
      Oh well, thank goodness for the old State Pension!

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