Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/10/2011

No, Milady*

Wigeon, originally uploaded by

One of the great advantage of having a tablet and let me clarify that for you Dear Reader, a computer tablet, is that you can carry a wealth of documentation around with you all the time, whether these be newspapers, books, PDF files or manuals. For anyone with the need to access a number of technical manuals on a regular basis, it’s a god send to have such technology rather than lug around half a dozen weighty tomes. Still… there’s something about a book isn’t there. About settling down in a comfy chair with a cup of steaming coffee and the prospect of loosing yourself in another world for as long as you can get away with! It just doesn’t feel the same to sit with a tablet to the same ends. I’m prompted by a Book People stall who are selling a wide variety of books (odd that, Book People selling books!) and I haven’t been able to resist buying a couple from them. Oddly, one of the books I’ve bought echos how I feel about another piece of popular technology and what it has come to replace – the Sat Nav vs the Map (in one corner, weighing in at under 1Kg, undisputed heavy weight champion of the world… Garmin.. in the other corner, looking slightly crumpled and dog eared we have….. Maaap. Seconds out, round one). I don’t have a Sat Nav…. bet that surprised you… and I won’t be getting one (famous last words) – I just love looking at Maps. I will admit to using Google Maps on this tablet but I view that as an endless atlas that I can update on the go. Yay Books, Yay Maps.

My word I sound quite the technophobe don’t I? Don’t let this (or my 28″ square cathode ray tube TV) fool you – after all I had the building firm network our house (I had them make our house meet up with other houses on a regular basis) when it was being built and have a network filers, firewalls, switches etc. Which just goes to prove that I really do need to get out (with my camera) more!

Following on from yesterdays note about setting up on the feeding station, I’m pleased to say that Robins, Great tits, Blue tits and Nuthatches are visiting the feeder and posing well for the camera exactly where I had wanted them to. I’ve left my camera gear close to window to allow them to get used to it and so should be able to finally snap these garden visitors in a more natural looking setting. I just have to deter those damned squirrels from visiting. I hate (grey) squirrels!

* Today’s image is of a wild Wigeon who’s taxonomic name is Anas penelope, so I couldn’t resist a Thunderbirds quote**

** the quote is said by Lady Penelope’s butler Parker!


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