Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/10/2011

Eider better get a move on.

Eider, originally uploaded by

I don’t know if the wind has changed direction (it wasn’t me!) or whether one Mars’ two moons has moved to a new constellation but I kick started a few dormant projects off again today.

First off the mark was the resurrection of my magnum opus (magnificent octopus, for those Blackadder lovers out there)… the hard copy of my years worth of blogging. I found an easy work flow for producing pages so there’s no excuse now – come the new year I should have “a product” from all my hard graft.

Secondly, I’ve put out a single feeder for the birds, with a branch secured firmly to the frame of the feeder support. The idea is with a single feeder, the birds have to queue up to access the food, and you know what – it did what it said on the tin. I have a few photos of the birds that visited, and will be taking more over the forthcoming weeks.

Finally, I’m making great headway with my new website; I have to sort out what photos, out of the 2200+ photos on Flickr,I want to display on there and I’ve a few more words to write (that shouldn’t be difficult, I’m hardly short of them) and then I can launch a site where you might just be able to purchase some of my work (should you want).

I’m currently watching Planet Dinosaur, I don’t know why.. the supposition and extrapolation of the facts are fanciful at best – really there’s little difference between it and the movie Jurassic Park (especially the bit where the girl say’s the control systems are Unix, and she knows it… right – I use that OS day in day out – and I’ve never seen such an interface!).. but it’s dinosaurs, init! I do thoroughly enjoy these flights of fancy but I have to leave my scientific training in my office before I watch them or else I will continuously complain how such facts could be determined…. but it’s dinosaurs, init! To add to “the effect” and a nail in the coffin (or cataclysmic meteor in the planet surface) one of the computer graphic monsters attack was displayed in slow motion… actually it’s about as realistic as The Matrix and should be treated as such. More over I can’t believe a luminary such as John Hurt, a man who played Winston Smith, John Merrick, Quentin Crisp to name but a few roles he’s played.. is lending his voice to this work of fiction. Oh, right… I see what they did there!,


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