Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/10/2011

Do you want Canvasback with that?

Canvasback, originally uploaded by

Eight four days left… that’s all, and I’ll have blogged the whole year but it looks like I’ve hit, to continue in my Treasure Island parlance, the doldrums again – writing something new seems like an insurmountable task, in fact I feel I could go out and climb Mount Everest easier than it would be put some words together tonight.

Well, that’s one paragraph down – full of nothingness. Tonight’s image is of an American duck that greatly resembles out own beloved (well, I like them) Pochard. There’s something irrefutaby stylish about Pochards (well, I’m waiting… you can’t refute it can you! Told you) – they’re more Art Deco rather than Arts and Craft. Whilst I don’t find Canvasbacks as appealing (perhaps it’s their name… what’s in a name, that’s which we call a rose.. and all that) as our native species, there’s no denying that they too are photogenic. These birds aren’t particularly at risk, their presence at the Wetlands Trust is more to show the native species of various continents.

There are rumours abound about a new Canon 1D, the fabled 1D V; it’s supposed to have a full frame sensor, 18Mpixel and 14frames per second. If this is true, then it’s low light capability should be something special, it’s pixels sizes will be larger than that of my current camera, the (AWESOME) Canon 1D4 which I regularly use at ISO 5000 with little sign of noise. Am I tempted… NO.. not even mildly tempted, I think I’ve got past the gear head stage (must be the techie in me) and now I only want things that I actually need to enhance my photography and which I could use commercially. I really would like the Canon MP-E65 macro lens that gives 5x life size images (macro is classed as anything that is life size) but it has such niche usage that I don’t see any commercial need for it. Mind you, the eye-wateringly expensive 70-200mm f2.8 IS zoom is another story which I know I could use if I were to ever venture into the world of wedding photography (well, it’s photographing birds of a different type isn’t it after all!*)

* Yes, I do know that’s politically incorrect – but I needed a punchline and being from the North and liking comedy – well, I just couldn’t help myself, Me Ducks.

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