Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/10/2011

Yellow Mellow Mongoose

Yellow Mongoose, originally uploaded by

Blimey where has the time gone… (another rhetorical question – as I said I only need to look back through my previous blogs to work that one out)… it’s been over 2 months since I was out taking photos for the Kids football team and boy does it show! I thought that I was taking lots of great photos – in fact I thoroughly enjoyed myself – however it’s obvious that’s been 2 months. That old phrase is applicable – either you use it, or you lose it!

I think I’ve mentioned that since getting the Canon 1D4 (A W E S O M E*) I have have absolutely zero interest “Gear” – I used to regularly check a number of websites to see what the word on the street was over prospective hardware.. I have no such interest now (unless of course, that Canon want to me to test one of their beta cameras), what else could any of the manufacturers offer me more than I have now (again.. rhetorical). However, I do keep finding myself checking ebay for a Rangefinder. If I have to explain that last work, then I wouldn’t worry about it – but if you know what I’m referring to then you too probably hanker after the same thing. Unfortunately, even ebay with it’s great bargains hasn’t yet managed to sell a Leica M9 for £20! (If you do see one for that price… I’ll owe you!).

Today’s image is of the very wonderful Yellow Mongoose which I’ve blogged about before – check out their spectacular eyes. I did notice, however, today that Goat’s eyes are very similar to those of the mongoose (which I had thought were unique) – I think I’d rather have a mongoose around the house than a goat!



  1. When I first saw this photo, I was like what is that??? Thanks for explaining this cute little guy. And yes, those eyes are wonderful! 🙂

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