Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/10/2011

I can’t see the point!

Today’s image is of a Blue-winged Kookaburra, the smaller relative of the more famous Laughing Kookaburra – though this is a much more attractive bird.. mind you I’m in two minds about these creatures. They look pretty and all that but one look in their eyes coupled with that rather menacing bill – it’s not a bird I’d mess with. I was rather perplexed when I saw this bird’s bill but on closer inspection, the break is clean which implies it’s been cut on purpose. I’m not sure why this might be the case, whether they do actually menace the other birds in their enclosure but other establishments also carry out this practise so there must be something in it. I will be investigating.

Now as you know from my previous blogs, I’m not a big fan of Apple equipment – I prefer PCs, Android phones and tablets – I was, however, deeply shocked and saddened when browsing through my new feed first thing I saw feed after feed after feed announcing the passing of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and the man behind the meteoric rise of Apple Inc. to the upper stratosphere of the business world. There’s no denying the impact both he and his organisation have had not just with their own products – their design has filtered into nearly every part of the market – from vacuum cleaners that look like the first iMac, to kettles, even irons. The world has certainly woken up to the power of design and aesthetics… at last. I’m still not buying a Macbook Pro though.

A final bit of self-adulation; I needed to find a picture of my camera today and so did a google image search (is there any other type these days!(rhetorical question!)) on “Canon 1D4”. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that my avatar (the image I use of myself on Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc) was on page 9! Having carried this search out on the UK site, I carried out the same search on the .com site and found exactly the same results. I was and am quite chuffed with this but am now determined to try and improve this ranking so I’m on page 1!



  1. Firstly, the Steve Jobs thing is very sad, I don’t really know why….I didn’t know him, I bought all his products and I thought he was a visionary which I truly respect. But I didn’t know him personally, yet like millions of others who likewise didn’t know him personally, we feel his loss. You might be interested in this YT Clip Although not the greatest orator in the world still a great speech.

    Your comments about Google got me interested so, I googled MarkGoodwinphotography…guess what I came up on page one! Oh boy was I surprised, don’t know why but I’m there at least three or for times. However, what I didn’t like was that the company that I bought all my domains from offer a service called 123 People, and they give my full name, my username and my phone number. Not sure if they are doing me a favour (business wise) or not.

    Finally, why is it you never respond to any comments on your blog? Or is it just mine????

    Happy snapping

    ps: it’s only a matter of time before you take delivery of your first MacBookPro and from that moment on as a Photographer, you won’t look back.

  2. I had no idea that keepers would tip the point of a bird’s beak. How very bizarre looking

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