Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/10/2011

Don’t Call Me Chicken*

Guinea Fowl, originally uploaded by

I told you I was fickle… no I’ve not gone off writing for you, Dear Reader, and I’m not writing for another organisation… I’m referring to the way I feel about my photos. I wanted to see if and when I’d used a picture of a Guinea Fowl for this blog before and so have been looking back through my previous posts (just the images that is) and I will admit, on a good day.. with the the moon in the ascendance… a strong north-westerly filling the sails** … and all the crew behind me.. I can take a passable photo!

Mind you it’s not just me (it’s you), another one of my photos found it’s way on to Explore on Flickr which I’ve mentioned before but if you’re not aware, Flickr pick 500 photos a day which they consider interesting (I don’t know by what criteria they decide a photo is interesting) which when you consider how many images are uploaded is a small fraction of the total. It also turns out that this is my 21st this year! I haven’t really noticed before but I found a program that does it for you and I was surprise there were so many on there. What, little ol’ me?

Not wanting to blow my own trumpet any further (I prefer electric guitar, even if I still can’t play the thing) but I’ve also had one of the Tawny Owl pictures I uploaded recently made a favourite by BBC Autumnwatch flickr team. Now there is a program I would love to be involved with – preferably in front of the camera (for once) but possibly taking photos and writing for any associated publications.

Right – that’s enough self promotion – you know what they say, self praise is no praise! Today’s image continues on where yesterday’s left off, at the Park I visited at the weekend. Whilst trying to photograph a couple of Mallards that were resting on a fallen tree in the middle of a pond, I noticed a couple of Guinea Fowl approaching. As I was sitting on the ground (on my nice kneeling mat (which also doubles as a sitting mat, a broach, a hat***)) with tripod, bag, plus a few other bits and pieces around me I guess my outline was fairly broken up, either that or the birds are used to people, but either way they were generally unconcerned by my presence and searched through the undergrowth for food. It was only when a couple of other people walked up the path towards them that they characteristically stuck their heads in the air to monitor the transgressors. Click Click, job done!

* Easy one that – one of Marty from Back To The Future’s catchphrases.
** I’m re-reading Treasure Island, me Harty (and trying to refrain from the Pirate vernacular).
*** Yes I know I’ve used that Airplane! quote before but c’mon surely you’ll admit it’s a classic film (and don’t call me Shirley( Groan)).

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