Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/10/2011


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Today’s activities on the surface, seem to have very little to do with the passions in my life of photography and wildlife (in no particular order) – cutting the grass! I know, it’s pretty mundane but then when you leave it to grow long (a bit like my hair at the moment – in sympathy with my blog, I’ve also not had my hair cut this year – I now resemble Uncle IT from the Adams Family). It’s not that I dislike cutting the grass, in fact it does give me time to think of things to write for this blog as well as listen to all the wildlife in the surrounding bushes and trees, it’s more the sneaky way the grass remains short for so long after I’ve cut it, and then the next minute I look at it – well, I have to get the machete out of the garage and carefully make my way into the interior so as not to disturb any lost tribes.

Our back garden isn’t huge but by modern standards “it’s a good size” and by lunch time I’d managed to hack back the grass to a presentable level however the mower seemed to have simply combed the lawn back so the grass wasn’t as short as I’d liked it to have been (there are some wildlife/photographic links later – just stick with me – the punch line isn’t far off). I decided to wait until later afternoon to have another attempt at the grass – so you could say (drum roll) that by lunch time I was half cut! (it wasn’t really worth the wait was it – but thank you, Dear Reader, for showing such sympathy and staying with me that long).

As I was walking too and fro with the mower – I started to formulate plans to make the garden more wildlife friendly… actually, it is already – what I mean is I’m going to manipulate the environment to exploit the fauna that have the misfortune to stray into My Domain… bwaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa. Ooops!


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