Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/09/2011

Great Expectations

DV3E6976, originally uploaded by

The pink and orange hues of the late evening sky delicately illuminate the firmament, hinting at the prospect of another fine day tomorrow. With such expectations, it’s difficult to not get excited at the prospect of snapping away at any number of wildlife subjects bathed in the glorious soft afternoon sun.

The branches of the Holly Tree that borders our garden currently bend down to the ground as if the tree were trying to connect with it’s roots, heavily laden as they are with their vivid scarlet fruit. The rays of the evening sun seem to envelope it, accentuating the vibrant colours of it’s leaves and berries – a photographers dream. Amazingly, despite the over abundance of these seeds, they seem to disappear with the reappearance of Fieldfares, Redwings, Thrushes as well as our resident Blackbirds and pigeons.

I can but hope that these winter migrants will make our garden their home before all the berries disappear, but in the mean time I will have to go and visit further afield to see what I can find to photograph this weekend and make the most of this wonderful soft light. There are a couple of places I could go that I am familiar with but I feel I need a change of scene to help give a boost to my photography. I haven’t picked up the camera much over the last month but this is not for lack of interest, more lack of time… so it’s Time.. time.. time… time... to rectify that (anyone get that TV quote?).

Today’s blog marks the completion of 9 months of blogging, and whilst at times of late I have been flagging when trying to come up with something new – I am still enjoying the experience of putting finger to keyboard (it just isn’t as evocative as “Pen to Paper”) – I hope you all are too?



  1. Congrats on 9 months of blogging. I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks, and still 🙂 Really love the photo too!

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