Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/09/2011

Thistle be a Knapweed!

Knapweed, originally uploaded by

I can ID birds, reptiles, mammals, fish.. but when it comes to plants, I do seem to have a bit of a mental block – I don’t know what it is about their names but whilst I can identify a number of species my brain just doesn’t want to retain them like it does with other avenues of the natural world.

What’s prompted this confession? Well, I had originally labelled today’s image incorrectly, thinking it was a Thistle. Luckily one of the regular visitors/commenter’s on Flickr sent me an email to correct my mistake (rather than post it publicly on the picture, I was really touched by that) which I have now corrected.

I don’t know how we coped before the internet, Google, Youtube etc. – I had an inkling that there was a character in The Herbs called Knapweed but couldn’t envisage the who or what it was. Less than 30 seconds and my search on google/youtube had not only told me the character but also provided me with one of the episodes with Constable Knapweed in. The disadvantage is, as I’ve written before, as I did then so am I now humming Parsley the Lion’s theme tune!


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