Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/09/2011

Still ill*

But I’m getting better! What a difference 15 hours of sleep can make, I managed to go for a short walk today and I’m so glad I did. Not only did the fresh air do me good but only ten minutes into the wood I heard a quiet undulating bird song from the bushes that run along the side of the path. As I didn’t recognise the song that was being sung, I decided to stand as still as I could in a hope of seeing the bird that was busy calling. It didn’t take too long before the bird in question made itself known and I was in for a real treat, it was one of the UK’s smallest birds a Goldcrest.

I stood there for ten minutes and was rewarded several times when the bird came within 4 feet of where I was standing, and not only that but on to branches which were out in the open so I could clearly see the bird. You guessed it, I didn’t have a camera with me and do you know what? I didn’t mind, I felt so privileged to have been so close to this small bird, so close in fact that could have almost touched it (if I were a gorilla that is with longer arms than legs!). In such circumstances, I’m always reminded of the line in Blur’s Park Life that I’m sure I’ve quoted before “I feed the pigeon I some times feed the sparrows too, it gives me a sense of enormous well being

*it’s a Smith song (and one if my favourite)



  1. What a beautiful photo. The owl looks so soft and compassionate, like he/she’s checking to see if you’re okay. 🙂

  2. It’s a different bird than what you are writing about, but beautiful image of the White-faced Owl

    • Yes, I often get sidetracked on my blog… too many shiny objects about to distract me.

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