Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/09/2011

This little piggy went to market…

Batteries are charged (the normal rate), memory cards have been formatted, lenses cleaned, tripod head fitted, I’m all set for a day of photography at the Hawk Conservancy tomorrow – the only thing I won’t have any influence over is the weather. Whether good, bad or indifferent I’ll be snapping away and with 40Gb of storage I’m sure to get one or two shots!

Today’s photo as you may have guessed is from the batch of photos taken at Newquay Zoo – you’ll be glad when I’m back from tomorrow’s shoot so you get some new images instead of me peddling photographs that were taken over a month ago. The bad news is I still have quite a few pictures I’ve not posted from my trip to Africa (which seems an eon ago) so even if I don’t get a single image tomorrow I’ll still have pictures to post.

Of course I am hoping for some good light tomorrow to best light the birds when in flight as well as allow me to use high shutter speeds to freeze the action. I have seen a number of photos of birds in flight where slow shutter speeds are used to produce rather artistic images, however these are predominately of birds in flocks rather than loan predators. It might be quite good to use a slow exposure on a peregrine as it stoops – to produce the type of lines you see on jet fighters wing when they perform extreme manoeuvres (might be a bit beyond my photographic skills!)


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