Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/09/2011

Erica (not Roe)

Erica (not Roe), originally uploaded by

Hasn’t the weather been fantastic today? I was all prepared to snap away today but managed to leave all my carefully packed camera gear on my desk – I did wonder why my pack felt light as I exited the house. Ho hum, there’s always tomorrow (providing the sun hasn’t emigrated for the winter).

My blog entries may seem to re-enforce the British stereotype (no, not teeth) of always talking about the weather but as a photographer it’s quite helpful it the heavens decided to hold on to any form or precipitation, and in fact, only lightly cover the sun. I’m hoping this will be the case this Saturday as I have a day of photography at the Hawk Conservancy near Andover and it would certainly help if the weather was an improvement on the last time I was there (one week after coming back from Kenya) when it poured it down.

I’ve already been mulling over the main issue I will have on Saturday, whether it rains or not, how I will fit all the equipment I plan to take in the bag I have. Of course the 600mm will be making an outing, as well as the 150-500mm. I also want to take one of my wide angle lenses as well as the 150mm macro lens. Flash gun, second camera, batteries, cards, two tripod heads, tripod and a raft of other bits and pieces… I think I need to invest in one of John Deere’s Gators


  1. Hope you have good day at Andover Andy. Already anticipating some exciting pics

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