Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/09/2011

Look Dad No Tunes*

The advancement of technology has given us many, many positive things but I’ve come to realise that there are negative things about this relentless push forward. Hell would have to become unseasonably cold before I part with my digital camera, and they’ll have to prise my clammy cold fingers off my laptop/tablet when I die but I’m not sure music has really benefitted from the digital era. Sure we can all access music 24/7 (to use modern parlance), have 14billion songs on something the size of a postage stamp, even mix and mash songs ourselves – but i don’t think I get the same sort of pleasure I used to get when sifting through racks and racks of vinyl and then of course CDs. Finding a disk that looks interesting and is being sold off – I discovered some great bands that way.

Then there’s whole collection thing – I know mp3/wav/ogg/bbc/ok/ttfn players can shuffle tracks from your collections – but there’s nothing like looking through a stack of CDs, especially when you visit someone, and picking something out you’ve not listened to for a while.

I’m thinking of starting my own brand of clothing… it’ll only be available to those of a more mature age, who can remember making mix tapes, rubix cubes, trumpton, ivor the engine, proper independent record labels and shops.. I’ve even come up with a name for the company which will be embroidered on all the garments… cur@mudg@eon. It’s an autobiographical label… but I do think it will sell well.

Today’s image is the last of the batch of Sulewesi Crested Macaques taken at Newquay Zoo. The photo is of the alpha male, but you probably didn’t need telling, one look at him (especially compare to the other photos I’ve posted) and you can immediately tell “he’s the Daddy” – literally.

* Today’s blog was inspired by Half Man Half Biscuit, it was whilst listening to them that I lamented on the state of my music collection and how I don’t enjoy music as much as I used to do when I only listened to CD. The title, an apt one at that, is one of theirs – have a listen**

**It’s not one of their best songs but I couldn’t shoe horn “Took Problem Chimp To The Ideal Home Show” or “King of Hi-Vis” into today’s topic that easily.


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