Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/09/2011

The Everlasting*

DV3E0144, originally uploaded by

The four photographs on Flickr for today are the sum of my day at Kew Gardens, having spent some time examining them after yesterday’s blog entry; not much to show for four and a half hours work is it, and all because of a cheap piece of glass. Mind you, it’s better to have wasted an afternoon out than having attended some important or costly event and learn my lesson that way. Without the circular polariser, my Sigma 150mm macro lens is pretty good, though it’s not really up to the standard of the two L macro lenses from Canon (100mm IS, and MP-E 65mm (the later really is an amazing lens and one I covet)) but then at at least half the price.. well, you know the phrase already.

I’ve been working on my book this evening, but it’s slow progress; it’s not the software, but rather all the changes I keep making to a single page. It shouldn’t be that difficult, one picture filling the page (in the case of portrait pictures, I’ve yet to tackle a landscape image on a page), a header, a footer, and the text from the blog. Most of the hard work has been done, in the case of the text, I simply have to copy and paste into the software the words that I’ve already written. Well, that’s the theory. I’ve found myself continually re-arranging where the text goes, as well as trying to ensure it doesn’t overlap the main focus of the picture. I might well finish it by the end of the decade (good job we’re at the beginning as I may need the extra 9 years to complete the 365 page book).

If you’re a resident of the UK, you may have noticed a huge influx of Canada Geese in the last week? Driving home last Thursday I noticed two to three hundred bird flying in formation (as opposed to flying information – I don’t think they need pamphlets on that!)  heading to a pasture that often floods close to where I live. Sure enough when I navigated through the traffic there were the geese in the field. They’re also flying at odd times, I heard a gaggle fly in last night gone 9pm, as have a number of them just now, an hour earlier. They’re not know for their good night vision as far as I know, and as darkness has decended I wonder how these birds are managing to find their way to safe ground. I think I may need to carry out a bit of research on these interlopers, see why there are so many and at night – you never know there might be some more interesting avian species amidst their numbers.

*The Manic Street Preachers and also an alternate name for this variety of Helichrysum.


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