Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/09/2011

“Just believe everything I tell you….

…..and it will all be very, very simple”. There we go, did you get yesterday’s quote (50 quid for parts and 2 hours labour at 150 quid an hour, and I’m robbin meself at that price)? It was the same man (there’s a clue) responsible for today’s blog title (well, I borrowed it off him, he didn’t write it specifically for this blog!)… anyone? The incomparable Douglas Adams, responsible for “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: A trilogy in four parts” who’s untimely death was and is still a sad loss to the world of literature amongst other things.

Today’s image, if you hadn’t guessed already is of Sovereign the magnificent if not a little intimidating Jaguar from Dartmoor Zoo and whom I could photograph all day, every day. Looking back at the photos of this powerful beast, I’ve suddenly realised I was rather static when taking these photos and that I should have lowered the camera gear to be more in line with the big cat. Whenever possible I do try to get down to the same level (unless we’re talking moles of course) as the animals – this gives you a better perspective of the creature in question, and (here’s the “secret”) when used with a wide aperture, throws more of the background out of focus (I’m giving all my tips away – but don’t worry I’ll be passing a hat around for a collection soon.. a BIG hat!).

I’m hoping for plenty of sunshine tomorrow, or rather strong light, as I’m off to one of my favourite haunts (Boo!), Kew Gardens to help top up my photography gland (it has been running rather low recently due to lack of contact with my camera), though I did manage a couple of photos of Jelly Antler fungi this evening. I haven’t review the pictures as of yet, but I’m not holding out much home for them as you really need to use a tripod when photographing fungi up close, and I didn’t have mine with me. The good news (for me that is) is the fruiting body (the bit you see) of the mushroom has not yet developed enough to show why they’re called Jelly Antlers, they’ll probably be ready early next week so I’ll be able to STAGger back with all my gear. I’ll get my coat.


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