Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/09/2011

Brain stops play

…not my brain, my computer’s. I had planned, as I mentioned yesterday, to bring you some images from Dartmoor Zoo and I laboured over them last night, trying to narrow down the images that I wanted to use. The machine is classed as a “workstation” rather than a desktop computer as in it’s day it was incredibly powerful, the graphics card alone would have cost £800. That makes the computer sound rather expensive but it wasn’t.. the whole computer cost less than £800. Now they say you can’t put a quart into a pint pot, which may well be true (what if you were to concentrate the liquid in question?) but sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch (this blog really is degenerating, Ed.) and I managed to bag a bargain on Dell’s Outlet store – go and have a look you might be surprise what you find there (if it’s the lost gold of the Aztecs – that’s mine!). Anyway, I’m now rather concerned about the machine’s health but fear not, Dear Reader, I have another method of putting finger-to-keyboard, so my blogs will still continue (what was that groaning noise I heard just then… must have been the wind.)

Feeling rather frustrated at my “lack of progress” with my photography at the moment, and in an attempt to keep motivated I decided to look through all the wonderful comments people have added to my photographs on Flickr and copy out a number of them.. as much as I hate all those motivational posters.. I decided I needed my own, with real comments instead of bland platitudes. I’ve only managed to look through 50 photos (out of the 2000+ images in my account) but I’ve already got pages of wonderful words to spur me on. I did happen on one quote, sadly not written by the man who’s words are next but which I thought were particularly poignant “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” I’ll leave you to guess who wrote that.

With the positive vibes from the comments on my post, I’ve taken the first step along the path I’ve been threatening to do ever since I started this blog, converting it into a book – I’ve found a company that produces software that allows you to layout the cover, and pages which can then be uploaded to their website to be converted from pixels to print. Unfortunately I’m not sure whether the resulting publication will ever find it’s way on to any bookstore shelves as the price is rather prohibitive, there certainly wouldn’t be any profit for the book shop and definitely none for me. I’m not going to let that dissuade me for creating my magnificent octopus though (not exactly a good business plan so far), I want to create one for myself, something tangible for the year’s worth of effort I’ve put into both my photography and my writing. Obviously I have to finish the year’s worth of blogging to finish “the story” (the butler did it by the way) so only another 115 to go ((250 complete this year mind) – hang on ONLY 115, that means I need to try and re-use the same 300-500 words another 115 times, and I’m sure there’s only so many permutations I can manage).



  1. “the butler did it by the way” — hey, no spoilers!

    Looking forward to seeing the book when it’s finished. Even should the price be prohibitive, it’ll be a nice physical proofs of your efforts over this year! Which company are you using?

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