Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/09/2011

Time flies by when you’re the driver of a train

I know hours can seem to pass in minutes, days in hours, months in a matter of days and years, well.. what happened to 2010, I seem to have misplaced it. As such you could be forgiven for thinking we’ve zipped through the 14 days of Newquay Zoo photos I promised (threatened?) and we’re now on to images from one of the many famous Cornish gardens. I will quash the fear you may have that time is passing us all by too fast, today’s image was taken at Newquay Zoo.

Standing adjacent to the pygmy marmoset enclosure, the large lens and camera resting on my tripod pointing at the miniature monkeys, I happened upon these rather startling examples of Scabious. I’m more used to seeing and photographing the blue coloured variants and upon spying these red specimens I quickly detached the camera from the 600mm, fitting the 150mm macro lens and snapped away.

I was more successful with these flowers than I was the marmoset, who was determined to remain in a part of a tree that wasn’t well lit and with it’s quick, jerky movements resulted in numerous blurred photos.. or ARTY as I like to call then! Arty as they may be, they won’t be seeing the light of day, and if I’m really disciplined (sorry, Miss!) I’ll even delete all the rubbish ones (that should clear a few terrabytes at least!)

Today’s title has two references, I’m sure I’ve used it before, though I can’t be sure which of the two I’ve used (probably the tamer of the two). One of my long term favourite bands are the incredibly witty Half Man Half Biscuit who’s songs have so many cultural references in them, they become a cornucopia for the spotters of us out there! Today’s title was based upon a parody of the Chigley song the band included in their first album Back in the D.H.S.S. – it’s would be labelled low-fi these days. Ooh I’ve just noticed they have a new album this month.. I’d better try and sell a few photos.. roll up, roll up, get your lovely photos here!

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