Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/09/2011

Swords of a Thousand Men.

Warty pigs… that’s not very nice is it really, what kind of start in life do people expect them to have when they’re already branded warty pigs? They’re not even warty! If anything they should be called the New Romantic Pigs, with a white stripe across their nose (not Jack White) and long floppy hair (early Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet) it’s much more fitting than “warty”.. did I say they don’t even have warts? Just because they have three pairs of fleshy protuberances that look like warts, they will be forever stigmatized as such.

I quite liked them. Preferably between a bap, with some onions.. oops.. sorry that’s the other type of pig. Actually it’s that inbuilt desire for all things bacon related that has driven the Warty Pig to being critically endangered, along with the perennial Loss of Habitat (such a shame, where will they get their home furnishings from now?). Endemic to two islands in the Philippines, they could have originally been found on a further two islands where they have now become extinct.

Luckily, conservation steps in again in the nick of time and with 14 zoos around the globe maintaining a controlled breeding program it might be possible to return their native islands. It might be a good idea to develop a disguise so they can be less bacon like. Hmmm bacon.


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