Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/09/2011

Too Cute For Words.

If you thought yesterday’s photographic subject was cute, what about today’s? Mother and baby Sulawesi Crested Macaques, taken at Newquay Zoo, and being the model photographer’s muse. I have photographed these monkeys before, you’ll hopefully have seen them either here or on my Flickr account (if you can manage to wade through the 2,200+ photos on there! (that was a challenge by the way)); having researched the Zoo on the Internet (have you heard of the Internet? Really useful for finding things out… give it a go.. you might like it!) and having spotted they had these eye-catching monkeys I made a beeline (or monkeyline) straight for their enclose. The inhabitants took one look at me and disappeared inside their indoor enclosure, a guard at the door keeping lookout for other camera wielding fanatics.

I did find them ensconced indoors, and as I approached their curiosity got the better of them, a number of them coming up to the glass so we were inches away from each other. There were no signs of aggression, and neither were there any signs of fear, just curiosity at the camouflaged 600mm with camera attached sitting atop my tripod. As with the Great Apes at Twycross Zoo, i then showed them a number of the things I had with me – not because I have a captive audience (Boom, boom – Ithankyou) but I want to continue their inquisitiveness in an enrichment type way. All very philanthropic of me but really I’m practising some camera tutorials I’m planning on running on them, plus I know they won’t give feedback (well, apart from the Chimpanzees who are know to fling their, erm… post-processed food waste material.. if you get my drift).

I have more photos of these Macaques, so I hope you like them.. you will be seeing more of them over the coming weeks. My attentions are now turned to other opportunities though, as having been out for a walk through some woods tonight I’ve spotted a number of things I love to photograph… mushrooms. Best of all, the area where we walked has quite a few species I’ve not ever seen before, let alone photographed. With late evening light being perfect at the moment, I’ll be out with one lens, one camera, one flash gun and possibly a reflector to see what I can get… and possibly some bacon and beans if I find enough!


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