Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/09/2011

Up above the Street and Houses…

Geoffrey’s Marmoset, the less well known of the Rainbow cast, never really managed to find reliable work once the Thames Television TV show finished after the broadcaster lost it’s ITV franchise back in 1992. Despite 20 years faithful service Zippy, Bungle, George and Geoffrey’s Marmoset had to rely on the occasion TV or Radio advert for income and despite more air time than Shep the dog (from blue peter) times were hard for all three through the ’90s. Moving back to it’s homeland of Brazil, so down on it’s luck was Geoffrey’s Marmoset that it had to resort to eating fruit, small animals and even insects to survive. Times seem to have changed, due impart to an 80’s revival, and as such you can see Geoffrey’s Marmoset making appearances at most Zoos, and whilst most viewers have forgotten it’s thespian days, it can still elicit an “ooh” and an “aah” when he makes an appearance before it’s public.

I know, I know, I made most of that up – I’m trying out a new script for Eastenders, and thought I’d test it here. After all if the rubbish that they play out on our screens each week can make it through, then with my writing talents I should at least get a script on Channel 4, at 3am, when even the phone in roulette has finished.. what? It’s not even that good? Charming!

This isn’t meant aggressively, but have you ever tried to photograph a marmoset? If so you’ll know how frenetic they are, how they never stay still, and boy are they fast as they scurry over branches and twigs. Arboreal, don’tchaknow. And Diurnal. They certainly like their fair share of fancy titles.

These photos of said monkey were taken at Newquay Zoo, and won’t be the last photos of animals from there. In fact I have two weeks worth of photos from that day (you’ll be glad to hear that some of them are of flowers, just to break up the monotony of my animal photos) which certainly takes the pressure off me with regards to uploads – plus I have more from Africa, Hawk Conservancy, Dartmoor Zoo and a walk through the sand dunes near Perranporth to go yet. So many photos so few visitors!



  1. Lovely Pic Andy.

    Was that Newquay Wales or Cornwall? And how do you get so much time to schlepp around the country taking photographs? Don’t tell me…you are a secret millionaire right?

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