Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/08/2011

I’m Singing In The Rain….

You do realise it’s all your fault and I hope you’re big enough to accept the blame? What with the gracious comments on both the blog and flickr – I just have to keep writing and taking photos such is the motivation I get when reading (and sorry if I don’t reply in a while – I will.. eventually).

Yesterday wasn’t a total wash out.. just mostly but in a way it was fun – (as with modern TV these days, we’ll start with a recap for those who may have missed the episode, for those who have forgotten what happened, and also to minimise the need for as much new material in the program or blog in this case). Yesterday was the first day of the last music festival in the UK, Reading Festival (for people out side of the UK, as mentioned this is a music festival, not a load or people sitting around with books – it’s in a town called Reading). The morning started out grey with ominous rain clouds overhead, and as last year the mud almost came over the top of my beloved walking boots I didn’t feel I could subject them to the same punishment. My festival going compadre and I hot footed it over to the nearest garden centre and I ended up buying a rather expensive but totally fantastic pair of wellington boots (sad I know but this was one of the highlights of the day).

With feed dry and snug in my new boots we headed for the festival, and half way to the arena, having got our wrist bands to allow entry in, the heavens opened… and opened… and opened. Well, you get the idea. It didn’t really stop until around 4pm at which point the clouds cleared, the sun came out and I had to think twice about applying suntan lotion! Only the British weather (and New Zealand… and… oh okay, not just Britain then).

Highlight of the day was either The Offspring, Patrick Wolf or Milton Jones (the last one a master of the one line joke).

Today, I’m really looking forward to seeing a band I loved as a kid and still do for that matter, a band who are tightly woven into British culture… Madness (that’s the band’s name – not a reflection on British culture… but thinking about it .. I may have hit on something there).

Anyway, stay tuned and tomorrow we might bring you mud slides, beer drinking, loud music, blood, sweat and tears (that’s the price of the food!)


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