Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/08/2011

There’s an App for that.

Procrastination is a dreadful waste of time; I’ve been sitting here for the last hour trying to write something to go with today’s photos and for 59 minutes this page has remained blank. I did find an app on the Android Market place for procrastinators. The program works a bit like a diary where you can defer tasks to another day – now if only there were one that could automatically write this blog for me.

Rounding off the current batch of photos (for the moment) from Dartmoor Zoo, last but not least Sita the Cheetah an animal I have featured on the blog numerous times. It’s difficult when faced with Lions, Tigers, Jaguars and Cheetahs to really choose a favourite out of them all, each have their own redeeming qualities – aggression, size, cunning, gracefulness (and that’s just me!) and I love to photograph these elements in the respective animals (and you need to show a lot of respectiveness to them, init, man, dude, ‘cos they is like well bad and all that). Still for me the cheetah’s balletic grace and charm wins every time (unless there isn’t one around and then I’ll take whatever’s available.

I will return to photos from my trip to Dartmoor Zoo I have that many in reserve (actually I still have loads from Kenya to share) but as they are of the same animals I will save them for another day, the next batch will be from another day out in Cornwall, and that’s not the last of them, so don’t think you’ve got rid of me so easy, nice try.


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